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Black Wolf: Loco Lobo $12.95 
Black Wolf: Loco Lobo

How long does it take to recover from a shattered dream?  How many nightmares can one man endure before his sanity slips away?  When his fiancée dies, Joaquin Black Wolf spirals into crisis and each day that passes drags him closer to the edge.  Still, he hides the truth from everyone who could help him…until a new love dances her way into his life.  Will she have the power to heal his spirit, mind and most of all his heart?  [This is the 4th in the Black Wolf series.]

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Black Wolf: Loco Lobo
ďBlack Wolf: Loco LoboĒ, 4th novel in the Black Wolf series, shows how Joaquin Black Wolf, talented drummer for his and his brothersí band, tries to put his shattered life back together, one piece at a time. Ghosts and nightmares and hallucinations haunt him at every turn, making him doubt his own sanity and his own heart. He turns to his familyís beliefs for help, but will their ancient rituals heal him?

"Latin Lover", a song featured in this novel, is performed by Nightwolf in California. That video is below.

Legal Notice: All works, current and future, by Magnolia Belle are the intellectual property of, and are copyrighted to, Magnolia Belle and Black Wolf Books.