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Black Wolf Lakota Man $14.99 
Black Wolf Lakota Man

Black Wolf, an Austin, Texas rock band of four Lakota Sioux brothers, has just signed with a national label. Caleb Black Wolf, oldest of the brothers, has the world by the tail. Studio work on their new CD is going well. Their fan base is growing. More and more concerts are selling out. Getting women has never been easier for the young player. Until he meets Sara Bradford, a woman he wants but who doesn't want him.

Trying to find the high road in an industry full of loose standards takes all Caleb has. Sara, with her own music career, doesn't need another musician in her life. Past mistakes have cost her dearly and Caleb has all the markings of another heartbreak waiting to happen.

Old habits die hard for Caleb. Touring schedules keep Sara on the road. A publicist, who wants him for herself, deliberately sets out to keep Caleb and Sara apart. Caleb suffers a breakdown on stage in front of thousands of fans. How could the one woman he's ever truly loved walk away from him? His brothers watch him spiral into an alcoholic nightmare as he refuses all of their desperate help. But a family's love, a father's wisdom, brings him back. Love, it's been said, conquers all.

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Black Wolf: Lakota Man
In ďBlack Wolf: Lakota ManĒ, Black Wolf, an Austin, Texas rock band of four Lakota Sioux brothers, has just signed with a national label. Caleb, lead guitarist and oldest of the brothers, has the world by the tail -- until he meets Sara Bradford in a spontaneous kiss. Caleb begins his usual pursuit, but Sara turns out to be an unusual conquest. Through cultural battles, meddlers, and the music industry, they struggle to find their way.

Legal Notice: All works, current and future, by Magnolia Belle are the intellectual property of, and are copyrighted to, Magnolia Belle and Black Wolf Books.